Please bring a pair of clean indoor shoes to wear while dancing, to help us protect wood floors in the school gym, and community centre ballroom.
Cups, Mugs & Bottles:
Toronto Triangle Squares ensures that water is available for the duration of our events. Please help us the keep our environmental footprint to a minimum by bringing your own cup, mug or water bottle. Thank you!
Please be considerate of fellow dancers who may be allergic to fragrances by not wearing any scented products.

Location: Jesse Ketchum School (map)

2012-jesse-ketchumby TTC:
Subway to Bay Station. Walk north on Bay to school on the southwest corner of Bay and Davenport. Enter the playground. Walk through the basketball court, then through a fence, past the sandbox, and down three stairs to a pathway. Follow the path around the north side of the school to the back entrance.
by Car:
Drive north on Bay Street. Turn left onto Davenport Rd, then left again onto Berryman Street. (Note that Berryman is one-way, heading west.) Turn left into the school’s driveway, between 41 and 45 Berryman Street. There is a metal gate near the sidewalk that should be open.
Restaurants nearby:
Many eateries at Bay and Bloor area.
Tim Horton’s: Just south of Bloor, on Bay
Food court in Manulife Centre (southwest corner, Bay & Bloor).
Food court in Cumberland Terrace (Bay Street east entrance to subway, just north of Bloor).
Pusateri‘s has take-out deli counter (west side of Bay, just north of Bloor).

Location: The 519 Community Centre (map)


by TTC:
Subway to Wellesley station. Either walk one block east from there or take Wellesley bus east to Church.
Note: Please take common sense precautions when using street or underground parking. Don’t leave anything valuable in your car, and don’t leave any tempting items in full view.
1) Street parking: wherever you can find it. Buy tickets from the meters placed along the street. Warning: Parking police are extremely vigilant. If you go past your allotted time, your vehicle will almost certainly be ticketed… and it’s expensive!
2) The “Blue P” parking lot, underground: The lot is accessible via a small laneway on the west side of Church, just south of Wellesley. You’ll see the big “Blue P” sign on the street, as you pass the “Ginger” restaurant. Prices vary, according to time of day and day of week, but last time we checked, evenings were $7, and Sunday afternoons $10.00.
Restaurants nearby:
Fabarnak Restaurant: fabulously delicious food. This restaurant is in the 519 building — very convenient! Relatively inexpensive. Not licensed. Fairly slow service, though, so allow enough time.
Cafe by Creperie: just south of the 519, on east side. Cheap and cheerful. Fairly small.
Ginger Restaurant: southwest corner of Church and Wellesley. Cheap and cheerful. Lots of seating. Very fast.
Cafe California: semi-fine dining. Licensed. Just south of Wellesley on Church, on west side.

Location: 15 Maitland Place (map)

Getting in:
Use the intercom phone to dial Security to get into the building.
Party room is on floor B2.
Subway: Wellesley station: Either walk over from there (about 10 minutes) or take Wellesley bus east to Sherbourne, walk south on Homewood one block to Maitland Place and turn right. Building is the first one on the south side.
Subway: Sherbourne station: Either walk south, or take Sherbourne bus south to Wellesley. Walk west one block to Homewood, then one block south to Maitland Place. Turn right. Building is the first one on the south side.
Streetcar on Carlton: Get off at Sherbourne. Walk west to Homewood and then north to Maitland Place and turn left. The building is the first on your left.
Limited free parking in the garage at west end of building. Please put a small sign that says “Square Dance” on your dashboard, so Security can locate you if necessary. Street parking also available.
Restaurants nearby:
Many cafes and restaurants on nearby Church Street, just a few minutes’ walk to the west.