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In additional to club events, Triangle Squares dancers are a well-known and welcome presence at other dances across the region. Here’s what’s on the immediate horizon.

Please note, all club classes and dances have been suspended at least until further notice (as per provincial and municipal orders). The full text of our announcement is here, including info on pro-rated refunds of class fees.

  • The Ontario Federation has compiled a short list of regular virtual square dancing, including Jeff Priest (P, A2) & Don Moger (A2, C1, C2, C3A), on their Events page.

The Toronto & District website provides a more comprehensive bulletin and list of cancellations and postponements. We all hope to be dancing again. No promises about how soon. Meanwhile, brush up on your taminations. Virtual square dancing is the new big thing.  For a more complete listing of events, check in periodically to these calendars:

  • IAGSDC Events page list future conventions and fly-ins
  • Toronto & District Assn Events page lists dances of regional interest

A big thanks to our out-going Steering Committee members, and welcome to our newly elected members following our recent AGM.


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