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In addition to club events, Triangle Squares dancers are a well-known and welcome presence at other dances across the region. Here’s what’s on the immediate horizon.

Classes will now be held at Essex Public School on Wednesday nights, 6:45-8:45 pm. You must register in advance to attend classes and follow COVID protocols.

  • There are two groups:
    Group 1: Mainstream and Plus dancers
    Group 2: A and C1 dancers
    Proof of vaccination and the wearing of masks are required. Please see Registration Form for details.
  • Classes will now be at Essex Public School, 50 Essex Street, thru June 15
  • Jun 1, Classes will be held at 45 Carlton Street. Registration will be required.
  • Triangle Squares Fly-in, Jul 1-3, 2022, registration & info here
  • Barry Clasper & Wendy VanderMeulen lead a square dance cruise to the Caribbean, Feb 25-Mar 4, 2023, details here
  • Wanna volunteer for the Ottawa 2023 Convention? Sign up here.

The Ontario Federation has compiled a shortlist of regular virtual square dancing, including Jeff Priest (P, A2) & Don Moger (A2, C1, C2, C3A), on their Events page.

The Toronto & District website provides a more comprehensive bulletin and list of cancellations and postponements. We all hope to be dancing again. No promises about how soon. Meanwhile, brush up on your Taminations. Virtual square dancing is the new big thing.  For a more complete listing of events, check in periodically to these calendars:

  • IAGSDC Events page lists future conventions and fly-ins
  • Toronto & District Assn Events page lists dances of regional interest

Looking further out, we’re jazzed for these conventions:


recent Halloween dance

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