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In addition to club events, Triangle Squares dancers are a well-known and welcome presence at other dances across the region. Here’s what’s on the immediate horizon.

  • Classes start on September 14 and 15
    Wednesdays – Plus Teach and Advanced Teach
    Thursdays – C1 Teach
    If you haven’t received an email by the end of August with information about classes, please contact us
  • Joint T&D Dance, Oct 1, Peterborough flyer
  • Halloween Dance, Sun, Oct 30, St. Barnabas Church, Danforth & Chester, details to follow. SSD dancers welcome, we’ll have tips for you.
  • Barry Clasper & Wendy VanderMeulen lead a square dance cruise to the Caribbean, Feb 25-Mar 4, 2023, details here
  • IAGSDC 2023 in Ottawa, Jul 5-8. Check out the video – seriously, you gotta be there.
  • Wanna volunteer for the Ottawa 2023 Convention? Sign up here.

For a more complete listing of events, check in periodically to these calendars:

  • IAGSDC Events page lists future conventions and fly-ins
  • Toronto & District Assn Events page lists dances of regional interest

Checkmate 2022 Fly-In

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