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There’s TriangleSquares_logo_30yrslots going on! Stay in touch, and keep checking back.

  • Spring Spree, Peterborough, callers Don Moger, Tim Crawford, Joe Uebelacker & Wayne Hall, Sat, Apr 21, 2:00-10:00 flyer
  • New caller open mic. Hosted by Don and Marge. Dancers, music and choreo supplied. Apr 25, 7-9, Jesse Ketchum. See also Jun 10 in our Calendar.
  • A1 Blast, May 12 & 19, with Osamu Miyabe, 15 Maitland Pl., details in our Calendar
  • Pearl Promenade, a Fly-in in celebration of the club’s 30th anniversary. Vic Ceder ad Don St. Jean callers. May 25-27, Jesse Ketchum.
  • Veer North to the Capital, Ottawa Date Squares 1st Fly-in in a decade. Gary Monday & Barry Clasper callers, Sep 14-16. flyer

Our Calendar cross-lists select IAGSDC Fly-ins and regional Toronto & District dances.


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