Silver Triangle Award

In 2016, the club initiated the Silver Triangle Award, given to acknowledge exceptional service provided to the club over the years.

We are accepting nominations for 2017-18 (the club’s 30th anniversary). If you have a nomination, please email us before Jan 31, 2018, and we will include your nomination in our deliberations.



  • Chris Homer, club founder, Maple Leafs Regroup Executive
  • Joe Uebelacker, founding club caller
  • Don St. Jean, member since 1987, long-time club caller
  • Lee Godfrey, Maple Leafs Regroup Executive
  • Susan Cox, former club President, long-time volunteer
  • Colleen Dodds, former club Executive, long-time volunteer
  • John Bailey, Maple Leafs Regroup Executive
  • Michiel Bagchus, Maple Leafs Regroup Executive


Categories: History